Bahar Jewellers


Bahar Jewellery specializes in gold jewellery retail. We provide exquisite designs in 21 and 22 karat gold jewellery. We cater to those consumers of gold who consider jewellery to be a life-long investment. We combine the best quality gold with the latest Middle Eastern, Turkish & Khaleeji designs and offer them at competitive prices. We aim to make purchasing high-end gold jewellery as affordable as possible. The products offered by Bahar Jewellers are second to none and over time we aspire to build a reputation for quality and reliability with our clients.

We provide exquisite designs and quality for the best value, facilitating smart investments. Bahar Jewellery imports the most popular and sought after Jewellery from Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. We commit to our clients to provide high quality jewellery in long-lasting designs that will grow in value, and will become family heirlooms.

By purchasing from Bahar Jewellery, you get the advantage of:

• An exquisite array of products;
• Only the finest quality gold and artistry;
• On-time delivery of special orders;
• Constant renewal of inventory.